Discover your own tropical hideaway on the spectacular island of Gili Meno, Indonesia…

How to get here

One of the easiest ways is to fly from Bali to Praya International Airport in South Lombok.  On arrival in Praya, take an airport  taxi to Bangsal harbour (1 hr and 30 minutes).  From Bangsal harbour, you can take the 2pm local public boat to Gili Meno (about 30 minutes across).  At Bangsal, make sure you go into the harbour office to purchase your ticket – there are many touts outside who will attempt to get  unsuspecting  guests to pay crazy charter prices to the islands.  The harbour office is open from 8am until 5pm, and you can charter a local boat within these times for about 20 usd to get to Gili Meno.

There are also speedboats available from Bali.  Check out this website for information and direct bookings: www.gili-paradise.com.

When you arrive in Gili Meno harbour, just walk south (left as you arrive) past Rust Bar and turn right after Blue Marlin Dive  for about another 2-3 minute walk.  We are on the  right hand side… you cannot miss us.

There will be horse carts available in the harbour (called Cidomos) to bring you and your baggage to the hotel. It is very expensive for such a short distance and varies from 7 to 10 usd(70,000 to 80,000 rp). It is only a 5 minute walk on a flat new road from the harbour to the hotel.